The Best Night Club in L.A. to Pick up Girls.

The L.A. night club scene is pretty good. The main clubbing area is all very centralized which is great if you want to club hop and change venues. What L.A. night club is the best for picking up girls though? It’s Exchange LA! It’s attracts a shallow crowd but if you go there, you’ll be sure to get some attractive girls. The Circus Disco is better for getting laid but the quality of women there is pretty low. If you want numbers, or dates, Exchange LA is where it’s at.

The lineup at Exchange LA can get pretty long really fast so go early. I suggest 10pm the latest if you want to get in quickly. Once in, get out and hit on girls on the street. Don’t just use stupid pickup lines though… actually try having good convo with the girls out there. Try to pick up as many fine L.A. women as possible and warm up for the club. The more talking you do prior to the club the more warmed up you’ll be. Talking to women and having fun with it will build up your confidence/comfort levels for set later in the night. From 10pm to 12pm you should be focused on getting out of your head and into a state of “not giving a fuck”.

By now you should have approached at least 20 sets and be in state. If so, get in the club and start having fun. I find my best nights are on the nights when I’m not actually trying to find someone to fuck. If you just go out of the dance floor and dance with people, you’ll come across someone you vibe with naturally… and nature will take its course :P Nature has given you all the tools you need to procreate and attract women but it doesn’t work if you’re stifled and thinking too much. Let go, be free and just have fun. Talk to attractive women and do what you want.

Do it up and the bitches will follow. Also think about this way… what’s more attractive to a woman? The dude who is trying to get laid or the dude who’s just having fun? What does each dude sub communicate? One is sub communicating desperateness and the other is sub communicating that he’s a complete man who has his sexual needs met (because he has something to offer). The dudes getting the most pussy are the ones not worried about being rejected because they have fuck buddies lined up for them. Try to think how a PUA would act assuming he had a lot of women in his life? How would he communicate? How would people react to him? Think about it… close your eyes and visualize it so you can understand it better.

I’m kind of going off topic… so back to the best L.A. night club for picking up girls. Exchange LA is the best night club in L.A. for picking girls. I’ve discussed this with friends and we’re all pretty much united on this question. Go there and check it out. You’ll have a good time.